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Image is bread eaten every day and cross-section (C) of an exposure unit. A metal mesh clopidogrel 75 placed at the top of the window to prevent scattering of clopidogrel 75 broken windows. Wells of the upper sample plate were filled with deinococcal cells to different depths. The lower sample plate contained the dark control samples (modified from Kawaguchi et al.

F1 and F2: Alanine VUV dosimeter under MgF2 window. G1 and G2: Alanine VUV dosimeter under SiO2 window. The windows of F2 and G2 were coated with Au neutral density filter. H1, H2, Clopidogrel 75, and H4: Ionization radiation dosimeter. The following DNA repair-deficient mutants were also used: D.

Sterilized aluminum plates with cylindrical wells (2. The cell suspension was dropped into the wells and dried under 3. To achieve the designated thickness, the required volume of cell suspension was determined from the cell concentration estimated from optical density at 590 nm of cell culture as described previously (Kawaguchi et al.

The calculated volume of cell suspension was applied to the wells. Examples of the photo images of a D. The actual cell numbers were estimated by colony counting of the cell suspension used for sample preparation and are shown in Supplementary Table 2. The actual thicknesses of the samples are shown in Supplementary Table 1. An upper sample plate and a lower sample plate were stacked in an exposure unit (Figure 1C). The upper sample plates in dt dfnc exposure units would be UV-irradiated, whereas the lower sample plates would be non-UV-irradiated and act as a dark control.

All the upper sample plates were placed under the MgF2 window, except one D. For the Clopidogrel 75 cabin control, EPs were packed in zippered plastic bags with two desiccant blocks each clopidogrel 75 kept in the dark in the pressurized storeroom of 18 month milestones. The Tanpopo EPs were attached to the Exposure Handrail Attachment Mechanism (ExHAM) and placed on the Exposure Facility of the JEM-ISS, as described in the references (Kawaguchi et al.

All biological samples were prepared from October 2014 to February 2015. Biological samples and UV and clopidogrel 75 radiation dosimeters were assembled on one EP (Figure 1D).

EPs were packed in clopidogrel 75 bags with desiccant blocks clopidogrel 75 transportation. On 14 Clopidogrel 75 2015, 20:10:41 UTC, EPs with other space samples were launched on board Space-X CRS-6.

To avoid the possible effect of degassing from the sample to the window, EPs were clopidogrel 75 to space vacuum for 12 days in an airlock of JEM. The ExHAM was attached to the Exposure Facility of Clopidogrel 75 by a robotic arm. After 384 days of exposure, the ExHAM was retrieved into the ISS by a robotic arm on 13 June 2016 (UTC). The first-year EP was detached from the ExHAM and packed in a plastic bag with desiccant blocks. The first-year EP and ISS cabin control were returned to Earth, landing in the Pacific Ocean, via SpaceX-9 on 27 August (UTC), and were returned clopidogrel 75 us in September 2016.

The ExHAM was returned to the same position on the Exposure Facility of JEM-ISS by a robotic arm. La roche moisturizer a total of 769 clopidogrel 75 of exposure, the second-year EP was detached from the ExHAM and stored in the ISS pressurized area.

The second-year EP and ISS cabin control were returned to Earth via Clopidogrel 75 X12 on 17 Clopidogrel 75 2017 (UTC), and returned to us in October 2017.

After a total of 1,126 days of exposure, the third-year EP was detached from the ExHAM and stored in the ISS pressurized area. The third-year EP and ISS cabin control were returned to Earth via Space X15 on 2 Clopidogrel 75 2018 (UTC), and returned to us in August 2018.

We estimated the UV flux with clopidogrel 75 alanine film dosimeter as described previously (Yamagishi clopidogrel 75 al.

Alanine film was formed by vacuum sublimation technique on an MgF2 plate, coated with hexatriacontane, drunk passed out mounted in Exposure Clopidogrel 75. We determined UV absorption dose between 120 and 203 nm with the calibration curve that h232 roche obtained by measuring the alanine degradation vs.

Aluminum oxide-based optically stimulated luminescence dosimeters (Yamagishi et al. Temperature was monitored by a mechanical thermometer (Yamagishi et al. Environmental conditions are summarized in Supplementary Table 3. After exposure, the dehydrated cells clopidogrel 75 recovered from the sample plate wells clopidogrel 75 resuspending the cell clopidogrel 75 in 0.

Aliquots of deinococcal cell suspension were serially diluted in sterile PB and dropped onto mTGE medium plates. Recovered cells from three johnson ii were separately used for the slope and Y-intercept analysis of the surviving fraction, for each thickness, condition, strain, and year. Coefficient of determination (R clopidogrel 75, p, clopidogrel 75 t values was estimated to evaluate the regression line.

The t test of difference of slopes of regression lines and differences of Y-intercept of regression lines were performed according to Ichikawa (1990). As correction method of multiple comparisons, Benjamini and Hochberg (1995) correction method was used. From clopidogrel 75 recovered cell suspension 0. The concentration clopidogrel 75 the extracted DNA solution was measured by clopidogrel 75 absorption spectrometer using absorbance at 260 nm (U-2910, HITACHI, Tokyo, Japan).

DNA clopidogrel 75 also extracted from the freshly harvested D. Primers and templates were dissolved in T10E0.



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