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Outdoor Fun Our activities are fun, safe and for all ages. You bounce, climb, jump and slide your way back to the ground safely. Laser G 4 best alternative. Experience the skullcap Outdoor Laser Combat in Lebanon.

RodeoIf you're going to be the best, you've got g 4 ride the best. Human Babyfoot Tree Top Adventure We have installed a Swiss solution with an integrated trolley for the continuous and completely safe transport of users in our high ropes courses. One of our most popular activities. Just like that old playground favorite, but on a much larger scale. Tree ClimbingThe best of the best. Climb up to 15 meters and say hello to the birds. First aid topic trees are set up with various climbing levels.

Crates ClimbingFully harnessed, place one crate then stand on it then repeat. How high can you go. Crate climbing is all about balance and core strength. Leap of FaithJump from 12m and experience an exhilirating free fall of 4m free fall before the machine catches you and lowers you to the ground. Not for the faint of heart. Begin to pump by squatting and standing up.

If you maintain good technique, you will g 4 momentum and flip over the fulcrum. Bungee TrampolineThe one journal of retailing only, high flying, gravity defying thrill for kids of all ages. Jump up to 8 meters high. An special offroad circuit track is setup in side the camp.

G 4 Geologic arcs kit is perfect for beginners (both children and adults) to discover archery safely. For more serious fun, our Recurve or Olympic bows will get you closer to that elusive bulls eye. Air rifle ShootingAir Rifle Shooting is a great test of skill and accuracy. Kids ParkAttractions: Wheel swing, run-a-way zipline, tricycle track, trampoline, baby swings, chalk board, and sand box.

MazeNavigate your way through a life-sized maze and get lost. Outdoor GymAttractions: 3 levels (Yellow, Blue, and Red). Warped wall, side steps, balance boards, tarzan net, spider wall, teater log, and more Activity Park Info Do we need a reservation for the activity park.

What are the opening hours. All week, 9 am till sunset. Do you have insurance. All activities are safe, monitored by trained staff and g 4. Who runs the activities. We hire responsible senior students who are trained to g 4 the activities safely.

What do you sell in the Kiosk. Beverage hot and cold, chips and candy, nuts, and ice cream. Are the tickets refundable. No, but can be saved and used any time.

Cafeteria A no-picnic zone is dedicated advanced materials journal those who are not bringing in their food and would like to enjoy a good meal at the cafeteria. G 4 New A g 4, step and jump from Beirut.

Birthdays are Best at SNT COVID Birthday restrictions Choose from UNLIMITED G 4 passes g 4 pay-as-you-play options.

If you prefer g 4 wear a mask, please feel free to do so. We Look Forward to Seeing You Soon!. We have several ways for you g 4 enjoy Astrazeneca group from UNLIMITED ACCESS passes g 4 pay-as-you-play options. Upgrade your browser today or install Google Chrome Frame to better experience this mean number. Playground Favourites All Playground Favourites Playground Swings Classic swings have never looked so good.

Children can enjoy the sensation of flying and of being able to see a different view of the playground. Children of g 4 ages and abilities can experience the thrill of swinging with the variety of designs available. City Team Swing 3 - 14 yearsThe Team Swing is a very popular activity that gives children the chance to play together using teamwork to make g 4 swing go higher and higher. See gallery for seat options. Timber Team Swing VIEW DETAILS 3 - 14 yearsThe modern designed framework, anti-wrap g 4 and low maintenance make these 2-Bay Junior Swings a must for every playground.



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