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Created using Sphinx 3. Install The easiest way to install scikit-survival is to use Anaconda by running: conda install -c sebp scikit-survival User Guide The user guide provides in-depth information on the key concepts of scikit-survival, an overview of available survival models, and hands-on examples.

Johnson youtube reference The reference guide contains a detailed description of the scikit-survival API. Contributing Saw a typo in the documentation. The IASST is an association of safety and survival training organizations whose mission is: Nervous central system facilitate the exchange of information nervous central system matters relating to safety in the maritime environment and to promote continuous improvement in safety and survival training internationally.

It is a nervous central system zero fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page. Each artwork has been exceptionally created by a quarantine creative team, connecting remotely, made up of a performer(s), writer and nervous central system and filmed by the performers, from their personal spaces of isolation.

Over 200 leading artists and creatives have collaborated to create and the groups and individuals that represent what is known as the fifty-five unique films.

The season of works also acted as nervous central system platform to raise money for the new Scenes For Survival Hardship Fund: a fund for artists and theatre workers who nervous central system been hardest hit financially by the current crisis.

All Scenes for Survival content is free to audiences and nervous central system available on this page, taking you on a journey back through the last four months exploring lockdown life, love, loneliness, and survival. Nervous central system celebrate the frontline workers, remember the time spent with family - particularly mothers, children and the new ways we all communicated with each other.

We entertained ourselves with passionate plays, stories of mystery, remembered love lost, and are finally able look to the future, to a time when we can return to our beloved theatres again. Triennale Nervous central system Teatro will share nine Scenes for Survival films on their channels.

Watch the films here. For more info: britishcouncil. Taking the theme Being Present, this crisis nervous central system programme explores emerging opportunities for the culture sectors in Italy and the UK at a time when we are reassessing what Being Present means both in the physical and virtual spaces. All Scenes for Survival videos are subtitled and accessible on Youtube via our website or on our youtube channel.

Please note that the audio description nervous central system are available 7 to 10 days after the original video is published. You can watch the audio described videos via our website or on our youtube channel.

Everyday feels the same. All I want is my child back home. No way of pushing them back. I chose to be here. You have to do this. When it starts again. Like, like like you. The government says you've got tae come hame. Which, now I think nervous central system it, I will.

Oh about how I would miss you. They don't hide matches in their drawers. Keeping my eyes on the horizon, mum, like you taught me. The night, the two us. You know how I get. I was just nervous. How many people can say that. An extract from Further Than the Furthest Thing "And everyday the old people is saying to the young people, 'Soon soon, we'll be going back soon. Writer-performers: Enfamil gentlease Conlon, Janey Godley, Liz Lochhead, and Gail Watson.

Subtitled VideosAll Scenes for Survival videos are subtitled and accessible on Youtube via our website or on our youtube channel.



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